Sunday, 15 November 2015

The 4th Edge

The Serafino 4th EDGE has been designed and researched through 32 prototypes over the last 6 years. Now ready to be unveiled – and compared – and to defeat players using conventional boots not using Serafino 4th EDGE . The boots offer an 33% increase in kicking zones over standard boots. They have 3 conventional surfaces, left side, right side and laces that perform every bit as well as any other boot on the market. They are supremely comfortable to wear that players believe to be safer and more comfortable than other boots available. They help protect footballers from ever more common metatarsal injuries that can keep players on the side lines for months at a time. Plus, and a very big plus, it will turn you from a one-footed to a two footed player.  Uniquely the Boot has a 4th lethal kicking surface, our specially moulded toe to ensure you can kick with it with complete accuracy, more power and a faster strike.