Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson has revealed its first personal care product - a hairdryer that it says is quieter and less damaging to hair than a conventional machine. It is the first hairdryer powered by a miniaturised air pump in the handle, using the same airflow principles as Dyson's desk fan products.The company said it had invested £50m in the development of the device. However, the £299 price tag makes it at least twice as expensive as salon-grade dryers made by rival manufacturers. "People do spend a lot of money to take care of their hair," said Thidathip Tawichai, analyst at Euromonitor International. "People in developed markets usually look after their personal care more and buy more expensive products. "But £300 is very expensive and a lot to invest in a hairdryer. People like to follow fashions and spend a little money trying different things," she told the BBC.

Co-op Pays Back

The Co-operative has unveiled plans to bring back an annual payout for its millions of members.  The group suspended the dividend in 2014 when it posted huge losses.  As part of a major refresh, which also involves reviving its 1960s blue clover logo, the Co-op now plans to reintroduce the members' dividend by 2018. Before then, Co-op will hand back £100m a year in other benefits to its eight million members. Co-op chief executive Richard Pennycook said: "This is what the Co-op is all about. Big business is often accused of taking money out of communities - we are putting it back in as we champion a better way of doing business for our members and their communities. "Our intention is to return to paying a dividend again, but we also want to make the rewards for members who trade with the Co-op more meaningful and community focused." The Co-op has 3,750 outlets, including food stores and funeral homes, in the UK and annual sales of about £10bn. 

Brompton Bike Factory

The unique Brompton folding bike was designed and built in London in 1975 by Andrew Ritchie in his flat in South Kensington opposite the Brompton Oratory. Still made in London today, Brompton is making over 45,000 bikes per year and is the UK’s largest bike manufacturer. British folding bike company Brompton Bikes has recently expanded its operations, moving into a larger factory in west London. Around 80% of the 45,000 bikes it sells each year go overseas and over 1,200 parts go into the making of each bike. Follow the link to watch how the growing business has expanded and produces its bike.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Beyonce Sweater Shop

BeyoncĂ©’s new range of women’s sportswear is made using sweat shop labourers who earn as little as £4.30 a day, it has been reported. The American pop star’s Ivy Park gym gear is sold by Top Shop, the high street fashion retailer owned by Sir Philip GreenA Sunday newspaper reported the clothing range – which BeyoncĂ© said she hopes will “support and inspire women” – is made by Sri Lankan seamstresses some of whom earn £4.30 a day. Workers are paid more than the legal minimum wage but campaigners described the labour as "form of sweat shop slavery". A Topshop representative said that the Ivy Park has a rigourous ethical trading standards and that they expect suppliers to be able to meet their code of conduct.

Yong Entrepreneur Rejects £20m Offer

A 14-year-old boy who came up with the idea of a first aid kit dispensing vending machine says he has turned down a substantial buyout offer. Taylor Rosenthal, from Alabama, rejected a $30 million (£20 million) offer from a "large national healthcare company" to sell his idea. He has already raised $100,000 (£69,000) in angel investments and plans to sell the machines for $5,500 (£3,830) each. He also said he is open to advertising on the machines. His startup, RecMed, will sell vending machines which dispense prepackaged first aid kits for dealing with cuts, blisters and sun burns. Taylor hopes to start delivering the machines to amusement parks, beaches and stadiums over the summer. Six Flags theme park has already put in an order for 100 machines.

Golden Hoops

KP Snacks is launching a new Hula Hoops Golden Hoops - a baked version of the popular crisp. The new savoury snack contains 30% less fat than standard crisps. It will be supported by a multi-million marketing campaign that includes TV advertising and social media. KP Snacks spokesperson said "The 'better for you' category continues to grow as more and more consumers focus on healthier lifestyles and seek alternative snack options. Golden hoops taps into the fast-growing market for permissible snacking. Our research has revealed that sales are expected to deliver over £10m in the first year".

Work For Free

Sainsbury's has apologised after one of its London branches placed an advert in a local paper seeking an artist to decorate its canteen for free. The store in Camden Road took out an advert for "an ambitious artist" to "voluntarily refurbish" the facility.  The company was shamed on social media by people who pointed out the successful supermarket chain should pay its way. A spokesman for the company said the advert was an "error of judgement". Artist Conor Collins attacked the supermarket's attempt to hire someone for free and suggested the store deducted some money from its bosses' salaries to "pay someone to do work for you so that the concept of 'starving artist' wouldn't have to be a thing." He wrote on Twitter: "Dear Sainsbury's, I am looking for a company worth £150,000,000 to feed all of my artist friends in Manchester."

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Workout Refuel

We all remember the moment we experienced the devastating realisation that ten minutes on the treadmill does not, in fact, cancel out having three Mars Bars afterwards And while Mars has not magically changed the laws of science and made our ten-minutes-of-running-equals-three-mars-bars dreams come true, they have created a new version of the classic treat that you can at least pretend is healthy. Because it kind of is. They’re like regular Mars and Snickers bars, but specifically designed to be a gym snack. So instead of the nougat-y bit, it’s a protein-packed nougat. 18g of protein, to be exact. They’re also each under 200 calories. Are they a healthier option than, say, a poached egg with some salmon? Probs not, given the chocolate and caramel. But if you have serious chocolate cravings post-workout, they’re a wise choice. You can buy them through Amazon for £2.19.

McGarlic Fries

After a revamp of its iconic Big Mac, McDonald’s is trialling a new flavour of french fries.
Dubbed “Gilroy Garlic Fries”, the new fries are seasoned with garlic grown in Gilroy, California – the “garlic capital of the world”, McDonald’s said. The fries are also made with olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and a pinch of salt. The garlic fries are part of McDonald's efforts to experiment with regional flavours and food on its menu. Chef Michael Haracz, manager of mulinary innovation at McDonald's USA, said the company is committed to listening to their customers. “We’re proud of the work done by local franchisees and the regional team to create this menu item with locally-sourced garlic and we look forward to introducing Gilroy Garlic Fries to our customers in the Bay Area,“ Haracz said.

No More New Days

Daily newspaper the New Day is set to close on Friday, just nine weeks after it was launched. Publisher Trinity Mirror said it was "disappointing" but circulation for the title was "below our expectations". Editor Alison Phillips said "we tried everything we could", getting a great reaction from readers, "but the reality was we didn't have enough of them". It had hoped to sell about 200,000 copies a day, but sales are reported to have fallen to about 40,000. The majority of the newspaper's 25 staff will lose their jobs, with the remainder being absorbed by the Mirror newspaper. The paper was launched in February and was said to be politically neutral and aimed at "time-poor" readers. Although the title had a social media presence, it did not have a website. Two million copies were distributed free on launch day. It then cost 25p for the first two weeks, before rising to 50p. In its trading update Trinity said: "Although the New Day has received many supportive reviews and built a strong following on Facebook, the circulation for the title is below our expectations.

Finger Lickin' Nail Polish

KFC is taking its “finger lickin’ good” slogan to new extremes by creating edible fingernail polish. The nail polish, sourced from “natural ingredients”, is being tested in two classic KFC flavours: hot and spicy and original. The nail polish was created by advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather and food technicians at McCormick, the company behind KFC’s spice and herb mix. It is available in bright orange and nude colours. The new item comes with instructions: “To use, consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick – again and again and again”, KFC said in a statement. For now, British fast food fans will have to travel to KFC Hong Kong if they want to have a taste of the “Finger Lickin’ Good” edible nail polish, which comes in a designer bottle and box. The polishes are part of a Hong Kong campaign to build excitement around the KFC brand.