Sunday, 15 May 2016

Work For Free

Sainsbury's has apologised after one of its London branches placed an advert in a local paper seeking an artist to decorate its canteen for free. The store in Camden Road took out an advert for "an ambitious artist" to "voluntarily refurbish" the facility.  The company was shamed on social media by people who pointed out the successful supermarket chain should pay its way. A spokesman for the company said the advert was an "error of judgement". Artist Conor Collins attacked the supermarket's attempt to hire someone for free and suggested the store deducted some money from its bosses' salaries to "pay someone to do work for you so that the concept of 'starving artist' wouldn't have to be a thing." He wrote on Twitter: "Dear Sainsbury's, I am looking for a company worth £150,000,000 to feed all of my artist friends in Manchester."