Sunday, 15 October 2017

Stonewall Top Employer

Stonewall’s Top Global Employers list showcases the best multinational employers for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) staff. The list is compiled from submissions to the Global Workplace Equality Index: a powerful benchmarking tool used by employers to create inclusive workplaces across the markets in which they operate. Stonewall aims to celebrates the pioneering efforts of leading organisations to create inclusive workplaces and advance equality for LGBT people, wherever they are in the world. At Stonewall we know that people perform better when they can be themselves. Financial company Accenture were just one of the companies recognised as making a difference in supporting inclusive workplaces. 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Celebrating Immigration

British fashion brand Jigsaw is celebrating immigration it its new ad campaign. In answer to the idea that immigration threatens “British values”, the love immigration campaign comes with a manifesto, which begins “British Style is not 100 per cent British. In fact, there’s no such thing as 100 per cent British.” Peter Ruis, chief executive of Jigsaw, told The Independent that his team was discussing their next campaign and, as a relatively small brand that only runs one big marketing campaign a year, decided to go for something bold. “The world is such a crazy place at the moment … it seemed facile to do a nice little campaign,” he said. So, using the fact that there are 45 nationalities working within Jigsaw as a hook, the company created a celebration of Britain as a nation of immigrants. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Future Of Retail

Can you imagine doing the weekly grocery shop in a store with no assistants and no way of paying with cash? Developments in self-driving vehicles, mobile payments, data analysis and wireless tagging of stock could all completely change our shopping experience. Meet the companies who want to revolutionise the retail world. Do you think this is the future of retail?

Sunday, 8 October 2017


So prepare to rejoice with the news that the fast food chain has finally created a vegan burger! Catchily named the McVegan, it consists of a soy-based patty topped with tomato, salad, pickles and vegan McFeast sauce, sandwiched between a bun. Unfortunately for British vegans, however, the McVegan is currently only available in Finland, and for a limited time only. McDonald’s have decided to trial the burger in Tampere, Finland, from 4 October to 21 November. However, if it’s popular, we can hope the McVegan might be rolled out globally.

Smell The Profits

Corporate giants such as Estee Lauder, L'Oreal and Coty have dominated the fragrance market but things may be about to change."Everything smells the same - people are getting bored of the big brands and want something different," says Nick Steward, the London-based founder of a new fragrance brand, Gallivant. He is convinced that there is a growing appetite for "something more personal that other people don't have". He now sells his fragrances online and via specialist retailers in the US, Italy, Germany and as far away as Australia.The Gallivant range of unisex fragrances are inspired by and named after cities such as Tel Aviv and London.They are packaged in air-travel-friendly 30ml bottles - smaller than the standard industry sizes.Mr Steward says that also makes them more affordable, reflecting consumers' desire to have a variety of fragrances to choose from. He is seeking a slice of the fragrance market - worth about $27bn (£20bn; €22bn) a year globally.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Right Back To Business

Former right-back Richard Eckersley, now 28, made his professional debut at the 'Theatre of Dreams' less than nine years ago, but is now running the UK's first zero waste food shop in the quaint Devon town of Totnes. Customers bring their own jars, bags, bottles and boxes and buy raw materials without packaging. "Football's incredible in the sense that it connects people all over the world - there's so many fans out there that are so passionate about football. But if we don't have a planet to live on, and it's not thriving and it's not healthy, then football doesn't matter, it doesn't make a difference any more."

Friday, 29 September 2017

Round The World in 60 Minutes

People will soon be able to fly from city to city within minutes, rocket and car entrepreneur Elon Musk says. Mr Musk made the promise at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia.  Mr Musk told the audience he aimed to start sending people to Mars in 2024. His SpaceX company would begin building the necessary ships to support the mission next year. He says he is refocusing SpaceX to work on just one type of vehicle - known as the BFR - which could do all of the firm's current work and interplanetary travel. As well as being the CEO and chief designer at SpaceX, Mr Musk also founded the Tesla electric car company and is chairman of SolarCity which specialises in renewables technologies, such as high-storage batteries.