Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Universities In Trouble

A political and financial change in the education sector has left many are fearing the closing of some universities due to declining government grants, limits on undergraduate numbers, increasing student fees and cuts in public funding. 58% of the university leaders asked expressed their worry for the falling demand for undergraduate courses whilst 90% were concerned about the declining postgraduate students. Some respondents even went as far to say that 20 to 30 universities (or equivalent) could become unviable within the next few years.

Written by Victoria Clayton

Underground Hotel

Building begins on 'Quarry Hotel' where 17 storeys will be built into side of a cave. The 21-storey hotel in China's Sheshan national resort will have 370 rooms - many of which will be underground.

BitCoin On The Money

BitCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency which, unlike the currencies found in virtual worlds such as Second Life's "Linden Dollars", it can be used to purchase real-world goods as well as online goods and services. So how has this come around?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Caption Competition

The Economist have a caption competition running. All you need to do is add speech to the Economist cartoon above and share your creation in their gallery. They will shortlist the best and ask readers to vote for the winner, which will be announced on 5th July. Follow the link to enter.

Come Fly With Me

Check out this graphic on low-cost air fare to see how ticket prices fall and rise for three of the biggest carriers. Why do you think that the prices change so much & how do the low cost airlines keep the price so low? Click the link below to find out more.

Wimbledon's Ultimate Complement

Strawberries and cream are a Wimbledon essential. The demand for these is very high throughout the two week period with 28,000kg of Strawberries consumed over the tournament served with over 7000 liters of fresh cream. The price of a punnet of ten berries and cream has been on the rise also. In 1990 a punnet of ten strawberries and cream would cost you £1.60 and in 2011 it would set you back £2.50. How inelastic is the demand before, during and after Wimbledon?

Power Of Information

Information is king & the ability to know where to look for it is essential for building up your knowledge and ability to show resilience when finding out about a problem. This is just one of the many great posters about the sources that are out there. All well worth a look!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Aurasma Wall

The department wall has been having a re-vamp lately and to keep up with the times it is now a fully interactive wall thanks to the power of Aurasma. Download the app for your smartphone and hold it over the aurasma images to see what happens...

Bale Trademarks Own Celebration

Gareth Bale has successfully trademarked with the Intellectual Property Office the logo featuring the heart-shaped hand gesture that he does after scoring goals. The 'Eleven of Hearts', as Bale's celebrations is now technically known, is part of plans to turn the winger into a global brand.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Forces Sauces

Armed forces charities are set to benefit from a new sauce brand rolling out to 700 Tesco stores next week. The brand will have both a tomato sauce and brown sauce variety which will both retail at £2.19 with at least 6p of each sale going towards the Royal British Legion Charity which supports ex-servicemen and women. How will Heinz react to a new ketchup on the market?

What To Expect Next From Apple

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to present new products at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference with talks of the new iOS7 operating system predicted to be a major talking point. How can apple continue to extend the life cycle of all its products?

Take Off For Flying Tray

A Japanese restaurant has brought a new meaning to the term 'fast food', hurling meals towards customers on what it claims is the world's first flying tray. Find out more about how it works by following the link.