Sunday, 8 May 2016

Workout Refuel

We all remember the moment we experienced the devastating realisation that ten minutes on the treadmill does not, in fact, cancel out having three Mars Bars afterwards And while Mars has not magically changed the laws of science and made our ten-minutes-of-running-equals-three-mars-bars dreams come true, they have created a new version of the classic treat that you can at least pretend is healthy. Because it kind of is. They’re like regular Mars and Snickers bars, but specifically designed to be a gym snack. So instead of the nougat-y bit, it’s a protein-packed nougat. 18g of protein, to be exact. They’re also each under 200 calories. Are they a healthier option than, say, a poached egg with some salmon? Probs not, given the chocolate and caramel. But if you have serious chocolate cravings post-workout, they’re a wise choice. You can buy them through Amazon for £2.19.