Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pokemon Go!

Investors are still catching some of the global success of Pokémon Go global success, which has Nintendo shares hit a six-year high. The Japanese game company’s shares have climbed 86 per cent since last Thursday on the back of Pokémon Go’s popularity. That’s almost $15 billion (£11.1 billion) added to the company market value in a week. Nintendo’s latest 10 per cent surge on Friday made the company more valuable than trading house Mitsubishi, financial company, Nomura or clothing retailer Uniqlo, according to the FT. David Gibson, a Macquarie Capital Securities analyst, said the game is on the track to generate $4 billion year in sales. “When you look at the way it's becoming a social phenomenon in the US, the rally is understandable even though it's not clear yet how much it will boost profits,” said Toshiyuki Kanayama, a markets analyst at Monex Securities.