Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ninja Hot Dog

Ikea hotdogs are well known and are sometimes the only thing that gets you through a trip to Ikea. This however is not your regular 60p hotdog that you would find in a UK Ikea, this is known as a 'Ninja Dog' and was recently released upon the Japanese public in Ikea stores. The Ninja dog features a black bun, which is wrapped arounda 30cm long black sausage before being slathered with a vivid red ketchup and yellow mustard combination. It has apparently been released to celebrate Ikea Japan's 10 year anniversary. It as been said that the black colour in the bun and sausage comes from 'edible bamboo charcoal' which is said to have detox properties. Will this be a food trend that we are likely to see in the UK soon?