Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hypnos Hoodie

Whether it's by plane, train or automobile travelling usually makes us sleepy, but using an extra shirt or bag as a pillow aren't the best options for comfort. A company has developed a hoodie that helps you get a few minutes of shut eye, no matter where you are. Hypnos Sleep Hoodie is an inflatable hoodie, with a hood that transforms into a pillow. The tricked out sweatshirt is currently listed on Kickstarter , where they company has set a goal of $30,000 by January 11th. A total of $56,708 has already been raised. Co-founder, Josh Woodle, had the idea while on the way to the airport, whose main job is in film production.Him and his brother grew up in Chicago and were constantly wearing hoodies, Woodle recalls, and he wanted to find a way to combine the comfy layering staple with the ubiquitous 'neck pillow as travel accessory,'