Sunday, 10 January 2016

CES 2016

CES is an abbreviation of the Consumer Electronics Show, which first debuted in 1967.It used to be held in Chicago, but has since been moved to Las Vegas because the weather is more conducive to an early January show. In total, it's estimated some 175,000 people will attend the week-long show. Each year the biggest technology companies from around the globe descend on the City of Sin to showcase the latest gadgets and innovations. Samsung, LG, Sony, Fitbit, Netflix and more hold press conferences at the show to announce some of their key products and services for the next year. Virtual Reality devices have been a big hit this year with the Oculus Rift launching the opportunity to pre-order the device at £410 for delivery in March but due to high demand the first pre-order is already sold out. Check out the link for highlights of the event.