Sunday, 17 April 2016

Very Sweet Job Application

Ryan Dobson applied for a job at his local sweet shop but they had to turn him down - because he's only nine.he youngster wrote to his local confectioner after his mother Lea Dobson explained to him that his treats and activities in the school holidays cost money. As a result, the nine-year-old decided to try and help his mother out by getting a job and dropped off his handwritten application letter to 'Sweets and Treats' in South Shields, who posted his effort on Facebook and called it the "best application form ever!" In his letter Ryan said he wanted the job because it is "probably fun meeting happy, cheerful people and helping them find tasty sweets". He added that he couldn't work full time "as I am only nine (nearly ten)". Ryan's letter ends: "I hope you employ me because I would like a job and would enjoy a job."Sweets and Treat said: "We wish we could employ this lad! With his brilliant ideas we're sure he's going to go far in business. Stick in at school young one." Instead of a job the shop offered Ryan a visit where he served up ice cream and measured out sweets.