Sunday, 24 April 2016

New Coke Zero

Coca-Cola is to change its Coke Zero recipe and rename it Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in the UK to make it “taste more and look more” like the original one, the company says. The move to replace Coke Zero will be supported by a £10 million campaign.  Coca-Cola wants to encourage people to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing the taste of Coca-Cola, which involves nine teaspoons of sugar in a 330ml can. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be available in the UK from the end of June. “This move is a deliberate attempt to change the mix of the company’s portfolio between sugar and no sugar drinks and is the latest action to result from the company’s £30 million reformulation and new development programme,” the company said in a statement. Coca-Cola took the decision after it found that half of British consumers were unaware that Coke Zero contained no sugar. The packaging design of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which features a prominent red disc, will be in line with the company’s One Brand marketing strategy unveiled on Monday.