Sunday, 21 February 2016

Cadbury Medley

Cadbury just got a little bit fancy with its new chocolate bars. Forget your basic Whole Nut, move over Marvellous Creations, because these newbies are all sexy dark chocolate and berries. Introducing Cadbury’s two new Dairy Milk Medley bars, where the luxury ingredients are sprinkled on top of the bar, rather than hidden inside. Unlike the classic Dairy Milk bars, these indulgent newcomers are made up of larger chunks – so that, according to the press release, ‘just a couple of pieces make a perfect treat’.First up is the fudge Medley which comes scattered with dark chocolate chips, crunchy biscuit and hunks of soft fudge. Or, if you still want a little fruit and nut in your bar, there’s the Nut & Raspberry Medley, which is topped with dark chocolate chips, sweet caramelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces. ‘We wanted to create something special for our adventurous chocolate fans who are seeking a new taste experience,’ said Matthew Williams, Mondelez International marketing director. ‘With the combination of a smooth centre, visible toppings and luxurious taste, we’re confident Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley will become a firm favourite on a cosy evening in.’ It’s Dairy Milk, but not as you know it.