Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sugar Free

Nestlé, the company behind Kitkat and Aero, claims it can make your favourite chocolate bar taste just as good, but with much less sugar. The Swiss food giant said it had made a scientific breakthrough that has the potential to reduce sugar in its treats by up to 40 per cent, without affecting the taste. Nestlé said it was securing a patent for its innovation, and it would start using the new sugar across its range from 2018. Using only natural ingredients, Nestle said its researchers had found a way to structure sugar differently, so that less sugar can be used in its chocolate. If the new sugar lives up to its billing, it would represent a milestone in the food business’s never-ending quest for more healthly ways to sweeten products. The World Health Organisation previously said increasing the price of sugary drinks by 20 per cent would reduce sugar consumption by a fifth.