Saturday, 12 November 2016

Buster The Boxer

John Lewis unveiled its much-anticipated 2016 Christmas advert and it features a bouncing boxer called Buster. Still preparations for the advert  have started as early as February and the latest campaign was created by Adam&EveDBB and directed by Dougal Wilson, who also worked on the three previous editions. John Lewis estimates that since 2012 its sales have increased more than 35 per cent thanks to the success of its Christmas advertising. The retailer is also said to bring psychologists into the process to help them emotionally engage with viewers.The advert cost £1 million to make, with a further £6 million being spent on buying TV advertising time to show it. Considering John Lewis makes 40% of its profits over the Christmas period you can see why its trying to persuade you to engage with them rather than the competition. The advert had racked up over 1.2 million views only 8 hours after it was launched but had also caused anger from some parents who thought the advert destroyed the magic of Christmas.