Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jim Jams

The only one real drawback about Nutella is the amount of sugar that's in there - and there's a lot. In every 100g of the chocolatey brown stuff there's a staggering 54 g of sugar - that's 13.5 sugar cubes worth (not to mention 32g of fat). Adults are supposed to consume no more than 30g a day, according to health guidelines. But now a father of five from Essex has created a much favourite version which is much healthier than the real thing and its competitors. Kevin Bath, who gave up a job in banking, is now making a low sugar alternative with his company Jim Jams. While he says a whole jar of Nutella has 54 cubes of sugar in total, his contains 83% less of the sweet stuff. When we looked around for healthier alternatives, nothing really stood out, so we thought 'here's a gap in the market.