Sunday, 6 December 2015

100% Charity Christmas Card

We spend over £250m on Christmas cards in the UK each year. Many cards are sold to raise money for charity however a recent survey found some retailers hand over as little as 10p per pack of Christmas cards to charity.  At what appears to be the least generous end of the scale, the Co-op gives nearly 7% (10p) of its £1.50 cards to food poverty and food bank charity FareShare, while Lidl gives the equivalent of 8% (10p) of a pack price to children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent. However a group called the Sreepur Village has set up to change this and produce the best Christmas card ever - one that donates 100% of the purchase price. Started 26 years ago by British Airways flight attendant Pat Ker, the Sreepur Village charity in Bangladesh - cares for up to 100 destitute women and 500 abandoned children. It helps fund itself from the sale of Christmas cards handmade on the site using materials grown locally and decorated by women from the local community for a living wage. Each pack of 16 costs £14.75, which includes UK postage and packaging - however they have already sold out!