A-level Applied Business

If you are thinking about or have already chosen Applied Business as an option for your A-level then this page is for you. 

This course is a mixture of portfolio work and also external tests. It is ideal for someone who wants a broad Business background and gives students a chance to gain credit for what they know and understand from their portfolio work. The course will develop students independent working and research skills and build knowledge in context of real businesses.

AS Units
  • Unit 1 - Investigating Business (Portfolio) - 33.3%
  • Unit 2 - People in Business (Portfolio) - 33.3%
  • Unit 3 - Financial Planning & Monitoring (External Test) - 33.3%
A2 Units
  • Unit 8 - Business Planning (Portfolio) - 33.3%
  • Unit 10 - Promotional Activities (Portfolio) - 33.3%
  • Unit 12 - Managing People (External Test) - 33.3%

Further details can be found at the following page: