GCSE Business Studies

AQA GCSE Business Studies
If you are thinking about or have already chosen business studies as an option for your GCSE then this page is for you. There are three units you will study over the two year course which will provide you with an excellent understanding of how businesses are run and can lead on to further study at A-level. If you would like any more information please see any of the business studies department in L-Block. There are many interesting areas of the course from finance to marketing and you will look at these with both small start up businesses and also large multinational companies. To find out more you can visit the exam board website here - AQA GCSE Business

How is the course assessed?
At the end of the two years you will sit two one hour exams which will account for 75% of your total grade. The other 25% is assessed through controlled assessment which will be completed between Year 10 & Year 11.

Unit 1 - Setting Up A Business

Written paper
1 hour – 60 marks
40% of the qualification
Question paper

Unit 2 - Growing A Business
Written paper
1 hour – 60 marks
35% of the qualification
Question paper

Unit 3 - Investigating Business

Controlled Assessment
8 hours research time & 3 hours write up – 40 marks
25% of the qualification
Based around a scenario set by the exam board AQA.