Enrolment Task

Congratulations on your summer exam results & welcome to the course. Please find below all the enrolment tasks for 2017 intake students. These are to be completed for your first lesson in September - we look forward to meeting you. Scroll down to find your subject.

Year 12 Business Studies

For your first Business Studies lesson you must create a one page (A4) business profile on a Business of your choice. This will be your business for the rest of the year so make sure it is one that interests you. It may be a small local business or a large multinational company (but not Apple) but the aim is to try and find out as much information as you can about the business and squeeze that onto your business profile - which may be handwritten or typed. Alongside your business profile you must also find three recent news stories about your chosen business. You can either print these out or you can write a short summary of each story.

Some ideas for your Business profile:

  • Company aims/mission statement
  • Logo/slogan
  • Statistics on stores/staff/locations
  • Type of ownership
  • History & achievements
  • Best selling products/services
  • Key financial figures

Year 12 Applied Business

You are required to plan a one off event. You have a choice of the following:
  • A mini festival in Whitley Bay
  • A summer fete in Whitley Bay
  • An end of year prom event for year 13’s

You have a budget of £3,000.

In 500 words, outline details of your event, including:
  • The purpose of your event / outline / name
  • Who is the target group this event is aimed at
  • How you would launch your event
  • How you would promote your event
  • Detail how you would spend your £3000 budget – Can you break down the costing’s you would have?
Your budget outline needs to be handed in on the first week of your Applied Business lessons.

Year 12 Economics

For your first Economics lesson research and answer the following questions. Responses can be hand written or typed. 
  1. What do you think Economics is the study of?
  2. What is meant by a competitive market? Can you give some examples?
  3. What trends have occurred in relation to prices in the following markets over the last 5 years? 
    • Gold/Oil/Copper/Rice
  4.  If there has been any changes in the above market what do you think may have caused it and if there is more than one answer, which do you think is the most important?
  5. Could you draw a diagram/graph to illustrate what has happened in any of these competitive markets?
  6. Find a news story about one of the markets mentioned above & write a small blog entry which could go onto the departments blog.